Save One More Now

Your Dependence Day

July 07, 2022 Jerry Hendrix & Adrienne Hendrix Season 1 Episode 16
Save One More Now
Your Dependence Day
Show Notes

Save One More Now, Inc. presents: Your Dependence Day.
A great follow-up to last week's episode, "Your Independence Day."
Jerry and Adrienne walk us through a Bible study around the concept of being dependent on Christ. Many mockers will try to tell you that faith in God is restricting, with too many rules. The opposite is true. Many can testify to the power of freedom in the life of a follower of God. Submitting to Christ brings out our freedom and places us in His family.
Share this important episode... and have your Bible and notebook ready. As always, approach this show with a teachable spirit.
Life Is Good
God Gives Life
God Is Good. 

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