Save One More Now

Nothing But The Truth

August 04, 2022 Jerry Hendrix & Adrienne Hendrix Season 1 Episode 20
Save One More Now
Nothing But The Truth
Show Notes

What is truth?
You may recognize this as the question posed by Pilot to Jesus. In this episode, Jerry and Adrienne discuss the elements of real truth.
We live in an age when many goverments officials are seeking to control the facts, often keeping the truth from getting out.
The Pharisees saw truth right in front of their eyes, yet they sought to silence Jesus. What was their motivation?
Truth is important. If Jesus is the Truth, why would we support lies in our culture? Greed, control, pride, etc.
"Brothers, don't be children in thoughts, yet in malice be babies, but in thoughts be mature." - II Cor. 14:20
We must mature and seek out truth at all costs. 
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