Save One More Now

The Love Of The Truth - Part 1

November 03, 2022 Jerry Hendrix & Adrienne Hendrix Season 1 Episode 33
Save One More Now
The Love Of The Truth - Part 1
Show Notes

Do you love the truth? 
Do you think that we are in the Last Days? 
To whom do you listen these days? - The men and women on "the news?"
To the Hollywood screenwriters? The serial TV programs? 
Where are you getting your "truth?" Where are you getting THE TRUTH?
Peter instructs us to listen to the prophets and the apostles. We are to reject the mockers. Anyone who looks at God's creation (man) with contempt (as a disease) cannot be heeded to. 
Visit the scriptures today and unfold the signs of the times, as listed in the Word of God. Paul gives us the signposts for recognizing the end times in II Timothy. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? 
Listen and discern. 

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