Save One More Now

The Love Of The Truth Part 3

November 17, 2022 Jerry Hendrix & Adrienne Hendrix Season 1 Episode 35
Save One More Now
The Love Of The Truth Part 3
Show Notes

Do you know that Yahweh is God?
Does all the world know of God's plan for His chosen ones? One day, the whole world will know.
The One true God is able to declare whatever He wills, and it will come to pass. He is the Alpha and Omega. He declares the end from the beginning. 
From time to time, He has even used kings (like Cyrus) from the nations, to bless His people. 
The Word of God can be depended on to lead us into the truth. Follow His way through His Son (the living Word) through His Holy Spirit. 
Listen along today with Jerry and Adrienne as they walk us through scripture to reveal earth-changing prophecies that are ancient - yet apply today.
Share this, and the first two episodes with your friends and be prepared for the great deception coming. Be armed with the truth and have the sacred mark of God on your head and your hands. We must be the ones who overcome by the word of Jesus' testimony. 
Be blessed and live under the covering of the Holy Arm of Yahweh. 

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