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Deliverance Of A Prodigal - Part 2

December 01, 2022 Jerry Hendrix & Adrienne Hendrix Season 1 Episode 37
Save One More Now
Deliverance Of A Prodigal - Part 2
Show Notes

The prodigal of the Bible encountered a sort of jealousy from the brother who stayed home. How will people respond to the return of our prodigal in this episode?
Not everyone is excited when a "Saul" becomes Paul. Many do not trust the transformation.
Our prodigal testifies to this exact struggle. After hurting loved ones, some were reluctant to trust that embrace.
But how will her earthly respond to her new desire to follow God?
Listen to the miracle of walking into the old church and receiving a word from God that is uniquely specific for our prodigal.
Be blessed with this, part 2 of The Deliverance of a Prodigal.
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